Following our principle „We build our own future – acting responsibly towards society and the environment" we attach great importance to sustainability in our development and production processes.


Our environmental strategy "packaging and the environment" is based on the following principles:


1. Product Development

  • development of aluminium-free packagings
  • downgauging of raw materials in order to reduce packaging weight
  • raw materials from renewable resources
  • development of compostable packaging
  • offset of unavoidable CO2-emissions


2. Production Processes

  • energy recovery from the incineration plant
  • biofilter
  • closed circuit heating-cooling-system
  • CO2 voluntary climate protection agreement
  • photovoltaic equipment

11 knV Baum


Since 1.1.2016, the company's production processes have been completely carbon neutral. A new Sustainability Report informs stakeholders of our motivations for achieving this, the sustainability measures taken and corresponding key statistics.

Sustainability Report

 Press Release



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Press Release




baum aktuellO.KLEINER AG wins third place in the ZKB (Zürcher Kantonalbank) Sustainability Awards 2012


Press release ZKB Sustainability Awards 2012 (PDF, 16.27 KB)

Film Firmenportrait O. KLEINER AG (MP4, 30.00 MB)

knV-alleUnavoidable CO2-emissions are offset within climate protection projects

nachverbrennungThe incinerator has a capatity of 25'000 m³ and complements the existing biofilter plant. Our printing machines are set to ensure that solvent incineration has precedence over the biofilter. Heat from the solvent incineration is recirculated via heat-exchangers to the dryers on the printing and laminating equipment.

biofilteranlageUse of advanced biological technology to dispose of solvent emissions. A filter made from natural materials e.g. bark and wood chippings "digests" solvents.

kuehlsystemeWater consumption is minimised thanks to closed circuit heating-cooling-system; energy consumption is reduced by heat exchangers.

2013 CO2 Zertifikat EClimate protection is our credo
Voluntary member of the Business Energy Agency's programme

photovoltaikanlagePower production by solar cells on the roof of the O. KLEINER AG production building