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- O. KLEINER AG protects future generations"                                                                                

O. KLEINER AG presented the latest innovation                                                                      
in its Environmental-Strategy on a
Sustainability-Day, together with BOSCH Packaging
- GENPROTECT® - the sustainable film program

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 O. KLEINER AG expands its Digital Center with a second HP Indigo 20000.

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Since 1.1.2016, the company's production processes have been completely carbon neutral. A new Sustainability Report informs stakeholders of our motivations for achieving this, the sustainability measures taken and corresponding key statistics.

Sustainability Report

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Apart from Campbell's Soup Company (ready made meals), various fish processors and packers have come to rely on CANPEEL® transparent.

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The newest applications of BRAINYPACK®.

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The first national application BRAINYPACK® for Food -

Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard "Hugo Reitzel".

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Campbell's Soup Company CSC changes its range of instant soups to CANPEEL® transparent.

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Digitalprint with metallic impact.
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Application BRAINYPACK®.
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Some applications BRAINYPACK®.
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O. KLEINER AG - Digital-Center with the HP20000.
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The flexo-print-facility W&H with 8+1-colours.
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O. KLEINER AG presents BRAINYPACK – its brand for the packaging solution PacXpert™.
Press Release O. KLEINER AG presents BRAINYPACK (PDF 14 KB)

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PacXpertTM - the new packaging solution.

At this year's Interpack14, O. KLEINER AG presents PacXpertTM, the user-friendly and recloseable pouch, available in various sizes.

Press Release O. KLEINER AG presents their new packaging solution: PacXpertTM (PDF 15 KB)

Dow Collaborates with O. KLEINER AG to License PacXpertTM Technology (PDF 55 KB)


O. KLEINER AG purchases the latest Digital Printing - the HP 20000.

Press Release O. KLEINER AG again invests in the very latest Digital Printing Technology (PDF, 8 KB)

darvida10 years of experience in Digital Printing, has enabled O. KLEINER AG, over the past couple of days, successfully to complete their 5000th order and despatch it to their customer.

Press release 5000th Digital Printing Order (PDF, 11 KB)

doppelwandbeutelThanks to lamination-to-register technology ("spot lamination"), O. KLEINER AG is able to supply composite films on the roll for double-wall bags and pouches.

Press release O. KLEINER AG new on the market with double-wall packaging (PDF, 13 KB)

indigo O. KLEINER AG invests in the latest production Digital Printing Technology

O. KLEINER AG invests in the latest production Digital Printing Technology (PDF, 49 KB)

baum aktuellO.KLEINER AG wins third place in the ZKB (Zürcher Kantonalbank) Sustainability Awards 2012


Press release ZKB Sustainability Awards 2012 (PDF, 16.27 KB)

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